Message to our dear loyal customers

In March 2022, we sold Julie's Dumplings to a relative and began setting up a new business in Magill. Unfortunately, they decided to quit mid-July. We then took back Julie's Dumplings. However, we cannot run the wholesale anymore because they had already prepared to close down.

Due to the inability of their new management, we are unable to continue the Julie's Dumplings wholesale and the factory/outlet on 3/291 Churchill Road, Prospect 5082. Sadly, now we are permanently closed and stop the distribution to the supermarkets, takeaways, restaurants and hotels.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over these 16 years. We have made lots of memories with you, some of you are kids have now grown to become gentlemen, ladies and even parents and grandparents. Thank you so much for your continued support until now.

We have now set up a new business called Dumpling Deli on 587 Magill Road, Magill 5072 and have brought the taste of "Julie's Dumplings" with us. Please come and say hello if you are passing by Magill. I can recognize you! 😉Thank you! Julie's Dumplings😊

Lastly, we are celebrating our 19th anniversary! Thank you for supporting in the past years and will continue making the best dumplings for you.

What Our Customers Say
Adie Murrell

"Julie’s been making some of the best dumplings in Adelaide for over a decade now. Very simple but wholesome menu if you eat in, but on the rare occasions I can make it there within the opening hours I mostly grab a couple of bags for my freezer - they cook up beautifully at home when you need tasty but low fuss food."

Hayden Paul

"Really tasty dumplings. Have eaten in and bought frozen ones for the freezer, they cook up nice. Not the biggest dumplings, but very yum & cheap 👍🏻"


"Epic dumplings, only down side is it's not open long enough."

Sweat James

"incredible tasting dumplings"


"Absolutely delicious"

Michael Lewis

"Very tasty 😋"

Dicky Ng